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Water is a basic part of life, having a special role for earth and people. Water makes up 70% of our body, participating in metabolism, excretion; and 85% of the human brain is made up of water. For production, water. Especially clean water is an indispensable factor in industrial and agricultural production. For many industries, it also requires strict purity for water used in production. Therefore water has a decisive role in product quality and safety.

However, water is regarded as an increasingly scarce resource due to environmental pollution occurring everywhere (known as water pollution) which directly affects the health of human life and economic production activities.

With the mission of protecting this precious resource, ensuring pure water for human life, production and business activities, CP Solution Co., Ltd. brings technology solutions from Korea in the field of water treatment, cleaning and waterproofing, specifically as follows:

 (1) Services as consulting, design, installation, repair and maintenance of RO water filtration systems bring the purest water source to customers;

Giám Đốc

   Mr. Jeon Eunseong

 (2) Composite FRP coating and Epoxy painting with waterproofing / anti-corrosion / structural reinforcement help to prevent corrosion, waterproofing and chemical resistance for factories, businesses and households.

With various models, highly appreciated quality and aesthetic assurance for each project, CP Solution Co., Ltd. always takes customer satisfaction as a guideline for developing the company.

 “Let’s give us opportunity, we will give you faith”.

Respectfully thanks!   


In Vietnam, about 17.2 million Vietnamese people (equivalent to 21.5% of the population) do not have access to clean water. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam has about 9,000 deaths every year due to poor water and sanitation conditions; nearly 200,000 newly diagnosed cancers, the main cause of water pollution and 250,000 gastrointestinal diseases due to unsanitary water sources.

However, the awareness of Vietnamese people and their families is not high, many people do not know that the source of groundwater provides directly for the lives of Vietnamese people are facing serious pollution problems, microbial contamination, even heavy metal pollution due to the development of rampant industries, lack of planning and no water protection plan. Most of the big cities are polluted by the speed of urbanization, degraded plumbing, or poor quality, so clean water people daily use does not guarantee quality or even harm to health.

On the other hand, by 2020, the demand for fresh water to serve the industry will double compared to the current, the demand for using clean water by households will increase by 130% and 40%. The loss of lacking clean water resources can amount to 7% of a country’s GDP.

These are issues that developed countries such as Korea and Japan have encountered in the period of industrial development, economic transition and have been thoroughly treated by long-term researchers in protecting human health and freshwater resources.

With the understanding and agreement with Vietnam country, we are trying to contribute a small part of the technologies that have been successfully applied in Korea in preserving the purity of water resources and protecting human health.

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